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1 December 2016

It's still dark out this morning as we finish archiving Volume 5, Number 11 of Photo Corners and write up our monthly report. We couldn't wait for the sun to rise.

That's partly because we have a news story to publish first thing but it's also because we love what we're doing.

We published 70 stories in November, completing our 48th issue of Photo Corners. The editorial mix shifted a bit from news (which falls off with the Thanksgiving holiday) to Features and Reviews. We published 18 were Feature stories, 19 News stories, 23 Editor's Notes (with at least 92 items of interest), six Reviews (which included the first two parts of our multipart Epson FastFoto review) and three Site Notes.

READERSHIP numbers won't be complete until later this morning but we can tell you we will have broken another record for unique sites visiting us last month with our second highest number of visits.

We've introduced you to 163 videos on photographers and photography each Saturday over the years. And 110 slide shows on Fridays.

That's good news. So once again we are happy to extend a warm welcome to our new readers. And to express our continued appreciation to those who have been with us a while.

Our most popular story was our review of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. And it wasn't close. It was read seven times as much as the second and third highest read stories, which themselves did very well. Those were the Leica D-Lux Explorer Kit and our extensive review of modern Japanese photography at SFMOMA.

They were followed closely by our review of the Sterling jacket and our news reports covering the Nikon D5600 and Viewpoint 3.

That's an interesting mix of features, reviews and news.

Our regular features continue to be popular too with the matinees and slide shows scoring in the top half of the list. We've introduced you to 163 videos on photographers and photography each Saturday over the years. And 110 slide shows on Fridays.

This is the second issue in a row that the number of reviews has been up -- and that's good news. They can take weeks to do (even for a book), sometimes months (for the major, multipart reviews), so when we finish one we always feel like popping a bottle of prosecco and raising our glass. But there's always too much other work to do, so the truth is we barely look up from the keyboard.

SITE TWEAKS focused mainly on changes to ad servers and how we display our affiliates' banners, which we hope is a little more readable and convenient.

We said up top that we love what we're doing but we also love how we're doing it. As a member of our board of directors (by virtue of having read this far), we're always open to your suggestions on that score. So don't be shy about using the Feedback button at the end of each story we publish, including this one.

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