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1 May 2017

We've just archived Volume 6 Number 4 of Photo Corners with 16 Features stories, 28 commented news stories, 21 Editor's Notes, four reviews and four site notes, bringing you another 73 stories.

OUR MOST POPULAR piece was our Signature 13 review (and by quite a lot). Credit the power of Think Tank Photo's social media.

Our news story about the new Nikon 7500 as next with a healthy lead over three of the four matinees (only the newest missed joining them) and our Spark remote news item, which also got some social media play.

Those were just the most read stories but readership was heavy over two thirds of the list.

Still there was one gem that we feel compelled to direct your attention to. It was merely linked to in our Capture One keyboard review but the interactive chart of commands and keystrokes is useful not just for getting a sense of the dedicated keyboard but for getting familiar the most used commands of Capture One Pro itself. Whether you find the keyboard interesting or not, that little chart is worth a peek all on its own.

We're glad to see we were able to increase both our features and reviews last month.

OUR READERSHIP numbers continue to be refined along with bandwidth (with a tweak we explain below) but it's still more art than metrics. We did deliver well over half a million stories to readers last month, averaging over 18,000 a day.

And those stories continue to have a lot of meat on the bone. Our Around The Horn pieces consolidate the interesting things we feel worth bringing to your attention. But we don't build the site on them.

We're glad to see we were able to increase both our features and reviews last month.

WE WERE BUSY with a few site tweaks last month, too.

Instead of deleting old exhibits from the calendars, we're now moving them to an archive named for the year in which they closed.

That entailed a little design to show the year for each table flush right and in italic, which we polished a bit after applying the concept to our headline pages to show month breaks.

And while we didn't single it out, we also changed our .htaccess file to block JavaScript hotlinking just the way we block image highjacking. This helps ensure our bandwidth is used by our readers and not other sites tapping into the code.

We iconized our photo corner ratings with actual little photo corners (instead of, you know, stars). We added the corners to reviews going back to 2015, when we introduced the left-hand fixed table of contents outside the body of the review. The earlier format required a run-around and does not accommodate them easily.

At the same time minified our CSS code. A good bit of our non-async JavaScript is already minified, so there was no optimization needed there.

Anything to make your experience here as good as it gets.

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