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22 May 2017

Luminous Landscape has launched The Founder's Page under its About menu to honor founder Michael Reichmann who passed away last year.

In making the announcement Kevin Raber, CEO and publisher of Luminous Landscape wrote:

On this page, you can find the story of Luminous-Landscape as told by his wife Teya Flaster. You'll also find a gallery of his images, as well as a gallery of images of him. Both these galleries will evoke memories for many. Michael's photographic work was exceptional. He just liked to take pictures and when he was in photo-mode there was no stopping him. His work reflects his keen eye for seeing what others didn't.

On the Founder's page, Flaster recalls how the site gained its name:

I remember when we were sitting around our living room one evening trying to figure out a name for the Web site. After a few glasses of wine and numerous names, it was finally settled. Michael liked shooting landscapes and the best time of day to shoot these landscapes was at sunrise and sunset. During these special times of day the landscape has its own unique luminescence. This was not lost on Michael, who rarely missed a rising or setting sun. The Luminous Landscape or "LuLa," as it has affectionately come to be known, then emerged.

Reichmann established the Luminous Endowment in 2014 to provide "financial assistance through grants to deserving photographers and their projects -- worldwide." It was, he wrote, his way "to repay those who throughout our lives have helped us along the way to personal and professional achievement."

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