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1 July 2017

Of the 87 stories we've just archive in Photo Corners Volume 6 Number 6, a hefty 22 were Features, 38 were commented News items, were 22 Editor's Notes (including well over 115 items of interest), two were Reviews and three were Site Notes.

That's an increase in Features and Editor's Notes, the stuff we do that nobody else does. In fact, since we've decided not to restrict Editor's Notes to four items at a time, we've actually increased the number of items of interest 130 percent.

You're getting more for your money, in short.

FINAL READERSHIP FIGURES won't be in until later today but we had already set a new mark for average daily visits. That could be because our stories were retweeted more this month than ever before.

You're getting more for your money, in short.

Our top stories were a nice mix of matinees, news, reviews and slide shows. Topping the list was our matinee about Philippe Kahn. That was followed by our news story on Apple's WWDC videos. In a tie for third place were Apple To Drop JPEG Format For HEIF and the news items on the Tamron 18-400mm zoom.

Following close behind was the Mike Pach matinee and the Alfa 4C slide show. We had another tie after that between the Toyo Tire photo contest and our slide show about a memorial quilt.

We don't manufacture News items, of course, but there are Features we don't manufacture either. We do present a slide show every Friday and a matinee every Saturday. Those are givens. But we have no control over how many obituaries we write each month.

And this month we lost four giants: Marie Cosindas, Gary Friedman, Hope Ryden and Richard Benson. They may have loomed large over the field but they each did so in their own inimitable ways.

PUBLISHING 87 STORIES may seem like a lot, particularly compared to the fare a monthly magazine might have offered. But and as the month closed, we found we still we had stories to write.

We could have used another week this month to wrap up the Whitewall experience (which involved a little detective work) and another at the very end of the month about writing Keyboard Maestro macros for DxO Optics Pro presets.

But that's what this month is for. So stay tuned.

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