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20 July 2017

Alien Skin Software has announced a 40 percent discount on all its product through July 24.

Products eligible for the discount include:

We've reviewed Exposure X2 and Snap Art. We've also tested Blow Up (which we used in this story recently) and found it, like all Alien Skin software, well designed and reliably coded. We regularly rely on Exposure X2 to emulate film emulsions and special effects, in fact. Highly recommended and rarely on sale.

In addition, the Exposure 2 Bundle includes all of the company's photo editing applications for the most savings.

For more information see the news release below.

Alien Skin Software Announces Summer Sale: All Products 40 percent Off

Sale runs from July 20 to July 24

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Alien Skin Software has announced its summer sale. All products in its store are 40 percent off through July 24.

This includes the Advanced Layers Update for Exposure X2, their non-destructive Raw photo editor. Photographers can quickly organize, edit, enhance and export their photos, while enjoying the speed and ease of a catalog-free workflow. From capture to creativity, Exposure is the fastest way for photographers to bring their vision to life.

Four additional software products are available at a savings of 40 percent:

  • Blow Up for creating high-quality enlargements
  • Snap Art for transforming photographs into a beautiful piece of artwork
  • The Exposure X2 Bundle combines all Alien Skin's photo editing applications into one product at the best savings
  • Eye Candy 7 for creating spectacular special effects in Photoshop: fire, chrome,lightning and more.

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