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2 October 2017

When the first of the month falls on a Sunday, our official day of rest, we're able to take our time archiving the previous month's stories. It's usually a rush to squeeze that hour in between the end of one month's action and the beginning of the next month's stories.

An hour? Yes, because we do it all manually. Early on we thought about automating it (because we think about automating everything, even our automation). But we found it valuable to look over the stories as we created the archive and updated the indices and pruned the feeds. It gives us a chance to evaluate our effort over the past month.

You know, to think about it. To ask a few questions. Are we doing the job? Can we do it better? How can we do it better?

So Volume 6 Number 9 of Photo Corners has just been archived with 17 Features, 35 commented News stories, 23 Editor's Notes, one review and one Site Note. Again, those Editor's Notes provided well over 120 links to articles on other sites we found worth sharing with you as things not to be missed.

We also heard from a few friends we haven't heard from in a while. That's always a treat.

That's a grand total of 77 stories, many of them featuring original photography. Toss in the technical support we provide our subscribers and it's obvious we aren't blogging here. We're publishing.

OUR LEAD story last month was our look at Adobe's video products updates. But it was very closely followed by the Deborah Luster matinee on her prison portraits and the Van Sickle matinee on being a photographer.

A handful of news stories were broken up by our Favorite Windows slide show, a departure from our usual approach. We enjoyed looking at our collection from a different perspective. And we're glad it was popular with you, too.

We'd be remiss not to point out our story on SFMOMA's Walker Evans Retrospective. It was the last story we published last month so it doesn't figure in the stats but it features some 26 images and links to supporting material.

We do keep the Calendar up to date, too. Since we started archiving the listings (for historians of the future), we've been doing major housekeeping the middle of each month but we're adding to it constantly.

ONCE AGAIN we prohibited Google from indexing the site. We actually considered letting them back in the last week because we had some bandwidth to spare. But it was a busy week and we didn't want to have to monitor the company's behavior. Maybe at the end of this month we'll let Google update its indexing of our site.

Readership, consequently, was on par with last month. The numbers were almost identical, although we did serve noticeably more bytes. We suspect that's because we published more images. A couple of times, we wondered if we were being a little extravagant in that regard. But if you're going to something at all, Mom used to say, do it right.

WE ALSO HEARD from a few friends we haven't heard from in a while. That's always a treat. We always take your feedback to heart.

A year ago we redesigned our indices and mentioned that while nothing ever quite stays the same, we hope it improves. As we observed then, if Photo Corners is improving, it's you we have to thank.

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