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3 November 2017

Hard to believe we've done 202 of these Friday Slide Shows without featuring the one San Francisco landmark everyone knows. And we can't explain it as an oversight because the Golden Gate Bridge has showed up in several of them, as well as modeled for a few of our tutorials, like The Split-Toning Solution.

The Golden Gate Bridge. In the bright sunlight of Fleet Week 2017.

We just don't get over there much any more. So it's been more of a prop than a model.

And, anyway, we've already taken our favorite shots of the bridge. Oddly all with the same camera. The Split-Toning Solution has one of them and the other is just to the right.

Our Favorite. Shot in 2010 looking south.

It was taken from the vista point on the north end of the bridge. The light was in front of us, throwing the bridge itself in shadow above the brilliant water of the Golden Gate itself below it. Except in black-and-white it looks, well, silver!

We're certainly not alone in having a favorite photo of the bridge.

Everybody who has been to San Francisco has a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. And a lovely one at that. You can't lose. It's a photogenic structure in a beautiful location. Even with the fog rolling in, it's ready for its close-up.

But the slide show images were shot during Fleet Week with the armada instead of the fog rolling in. That adds a little interest to this set.

To add even more, we spent some time in the gift shop which has a few display cases of historical information we found absolutely terrifying (considering we've been crossing that bridge for decades).

We actually saw the retired cables and bolts that held the bridge (and us) up many of those years.

So we're presenting a second slide show this Friday with a selection of those displays. You don't have to be an engineer to find them fascinating. A fear of heights won't hurt, though.

Historic Displays. Maybe more than you want to know.

But back the bridge. We were four people which put public transportation into the luxury category. So we piled into the car and drove over to the closest parking lot in the Presidio one morning.

That practice is discouraged. But it worked out very well for us. We were able to get into the lot before it was full (and it is full all day), although we stood in line waiting to pay and put a receipt on our dashboard so long that we thought we'd get a ticket for non-payment.

It wasn't the line. It was the ticket machine. No one could figure it out. Not even when it belched out a receipt. It is one of the mysteries of the world.

So we begin our show with a shot of the lot. But you're only a very few steps from a nice postcard shot of the bridge itself.

We take you under the bridge, too. We really like that shot. There's always something interesting from that spot. Amid all the engineering structures, there's some whimsy.

This time the whimsy is a little obscure. You aren't looking at the bridge but some scaffolding. There were workers above us doing a little maintenance.

Whimsy is not something you expect of a bridge. But this is San Francisco.

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