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8 December 2017

Occasionally we take our own advice. Not as punishment either. Instead, much to our surprise, we benefit from it. Which, after all, is why we pass it along here on a regular daily schedule.

We've been befuddled by a new view of the city. We first shot it in June. And while we were happy with the post processing, we still remember the awkwardness of actually trying to line up the image in our viewfinder. Somehow, we never found the right spot.

We'd been struck by the view on the way to the post office. On our return trip, we came back on the nearer (and newer) sidewalk to get a better view.

This week's walk to the post office we saw it again and again we were struck by it. But remembering our advice to try another approach, we didn't come back on the new sidewalk. We retraced our steps.

We were, then, further from the scene than we had been on the new sidewalk. But backing up gave us a much more satisfying view.

Once we had the camera out, there was no stopping us.

There's another spot that captivates us on this walk. It's at the top of Clipper St. There's a three-way intersection there with cars huffing and puffing up the street hill (and not wanting to linger at the stop sign), other cars dashing toward the shopping mall where the post office is (always running late) and two other traffic lanes trying to decide who has the right of way.

So as a photographer, you don't want to linger there. But as you cross the street, you do see a magnificent view of the city. That's the third shot in this slide show (and our poster shot above).

How can you shoot that?

Step back. And when we stepped back, we found ourselves on an island, safe from the traffic. We just had to wait for a break in the action to avoid capturing a car going downhill.

We like this shot because, while you are drawn in by the skyscrapers, it's the little yellow house in the foreground that wins you over. It's a reminder that real people live real lives here. And not under the shadow of Transamerica, Bank of America or Salesforce. But in the unobscured autumn afternoon sunshine.

Once we had the camera out, there was no stopping us.

Some recently cut down trees laying on the side of the hill posed for us. A distant view down Glen Canyon was particularly clear.

The nearby high school offered a number of interesting shots before we ended with a flowering succulent spotlit by the sun.

Certainly the quality of the light is the main attraction of this set. An autumn afternoon. The sun low. Scenes in high contrast.

And captured at last with pleasure simply thanks to advice well taken.

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