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10 December 2017

We don't publish on Sundays. We don't even sit at the keyboard. We take a break. We get some sunshine or let the rain drops fall on our head. It's our idea of a vacation.

But we do celebrate big occasions and today just happens to be one: the fifth anniversary of Photo Corners and the 42nd year Joyce and I have been together.

Joyce & Mike. Off Howard St. circa 1976 by Amy Pascucci.

And the way we've traditionally celebrated our double anniversaries is by presenting a Susie Ariolo song.

When we heard Susie Arioli on the Jazz station singing When You Wish Upon a Star to end our first week publishing Photo Corners in 2012, it seemed as if she was singing just to us. Just a sliver of the moon remained in the sky above the ocean out our window.

We took it as a blessing on our decision to launch Photo Corners and we listen to her sing it again every December 10. It reminds us it was the right thing to do. To make our dreams come true -- no matter who we were.

We do indeed count ourselves to be lucky...

That works very well for matters of the heart, too. What your heart desires will come to you, no matter who you are.

Fate is kind to those who love. We're living proof.

So on the occasion of our fifth and 42nd anniversaries, we're delighted to point you to Ariolo's rendition of Time After Time. It's a tribute to longevity, perhaps, but even more so to integrity.

Being who you are. Because if you can't start there, you ain't going anywhere.

We do indeed count ourselves to be lucky to be doing what we're doing. Each day brings its own unexpected thrill and, as we throw ourselves into it, we feel the adrenaline of youth surge through us to meet the challenge.

Time after time indeed. The passing years have shown love doesn't grow old and feeble. It kicks up its heels without Aleve snd dances the night away without glass slippers.

That not only goes for Photo Corners, for which we again thank you. It goes for being in love.

Hear the music? Time to dance again. Time after time.


Wonderful, just wonderful -- congratulations to you both. And I love the micro-bus reflected in the window.

-- James Thomas Kelly

Thanks, James. Yeah, could not crop out that VW! Sign of the times.... -- Mike

Congratulations, Mike and Joyce, on your double anniversary, especially well done on being together for 42 years together.

-- Andrew-Bede Allsop

Thanks, Andrew. Joyce has had a lot to do with Photo Corners, as you might imagine. -- Mike

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