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30 December 2017

You may have noticed we don't publish year-in-review stories. There's a reason for that. We don't have to. The design of Photo Corners does that automatically.

For a fun way to review 2017 (not quite over yet) or any other year for that matter, visit our archived headlines pages with their monthly divisions. Here, for example, is a "look back" at March 2017.

If the headline doesn't do it, the text from the lead paragraph in each story may be all you need to jog your memory. But we like looking at the photos roll by, too.

Same goes for our notable deaths, which can be viewed by year. And our matinees work that way, too, if you want to remember all the fun you had here on Saturdays.

Whichever you view, you get the perspective of seeing the year in review without any more work on our part (except, well, this item to bring it to your attention).

There's nothing quite like designing a solution.

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