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9 January 2018

We had over 24 hours of continual rainfall yesterday. The 3.15 inches that fell in downtown San Francisco broke a same-day record of 2.35 set in 1872. Over 5.0 inches fell in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Rain Gauge. Full. And that's enough for us.

But everyone has their own way of measuring things these days. And when it comes to rainfall, we like to check the pots on the patio. They were all full this morning.

This one, sitting on a glass table, is five inches deep. We're on the unprotected ocean side of the city, so we often get more rainfall than downtown.

The peculiar pattern on the surface of the water is actually a reflection of overhead wires.

We took a few shots of the garden after the rain. There's nothing quite like raindrops in the sun for an upbeat image.

Like yesterday's shot, they were taken with a Nikon D200 and 18-200mm Nikkor. The capture was at f11.0, 1/200 second and ISO 800 at a 48mm focal length. We processed the Raw image in Adobe Camera Raw for publication here.

According to the Doppler radar map, we have time for our daily constitutional before any more precipitation falls. We certainly missed it yesterday.

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