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1 February 2018

We've just added Volume 7, Number 1 of Photo Corners to our archive, one page that contains the headline of every story we've published since 2012. In the first month of 2018 we published 72 stories including 17 Features, 26 commented News items (with over 156 items of interest), 25 Editor's Notes, one large review and three Site Notes.

READERSHIP again increased, beating out last month. Unique sites didn't break a record but it was the highest it's been since last March. And those readers read over 726,000 pages on the site in over 108,000 visits.

As nice as it is to have a growing audience, we can't wrap our head around the concept. We still publish this site for just one person: you. And you just happen to be an ideal reader.

You can get quite an education here just watching the short matinees and reading the obits.

Our most popular features continue to be the matinees. You can get quite an education here just watching the short matinees and reading the obits. We know because we've gotten one ourselves.

Our Beaver St. slide show ranked fifth after three matinees and a Kodak printer announcement. That was followed by our Nabile Quenum obit.

We were surprised to see our Martin Luther King Jr. Day tribute follow that. And right behind it was our macro shot of the Castle.

Both of those stories reached a bit beyond photography in consider what really matters. But that isn't unusual at Photo Corners.

In fact, that's what's behind our Horn articles. We know of a several sites that have tried the same thing recently, only to abandon the effort after a couple of attempts. More pressing issues, no doubt. But we can't help sharing with you the jewels we find on the Web each morning. It's not-to-be-missed reading.

Our extended review of tethered shooting solutions appeared on the last day of the month. So we won't see any numbers for it until later today but we don't want you to miss it.

Just for fun we ran a report that included last month's stories with this month's to see how the stories filed at the end of December fared in January.

More than a few of them scored above the most recent stories, suggesting our monthly cutoff doesn't reflect actual reading habits. Not everybody makes it here every day, it seems clear, but nobody wants to miss anything when they get here.

Which is why we take pains with our headline pages, search functions and that archive page to make it easy to catch up.

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