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1 April 2018

We've just updated the Archive with the 74 stories we published during March in Volume 7 Number 3 of Photo Corners. We've must have saved entire forests by publishing exclusively online since 2012.

The breakdown for March was 16 Features, 28 commented news items, 25 Editor's Notes (including approximately 150 items of interest in our Around the Horn articles), two reviews and three Site Notes.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY was news coverage of Adobe's price increase. That was followed by our coverage of Photofair San Francisco and the de Young's annual Bouquets to Art.

Those were followed by our matinee featuring Two Perspective, our Phase One Dedication video news and our review of Joel Meyerowitz's new book.

In the same crowd at the top of the listings we found our slide show on the new Warriors stadium, A Photo for a Poet, our piece on Basho, and How To Extract A JPEG From A Raw File using Keyboard Maestro.

There's something to be said for a fixed layout. Ask any graphic designer.

We could go on. Our piece asking Is The Print Primary and our review of the Flexi Macro Flash were just a bit more popular than our tour of SFMOMA's The Train.

But we won't because we're sure you followed along daily to keep up with us.

OUR READERSHIP numbers bounced back from February. Nothing like adding three days to the month to increase those numbers. In fact, according to our incomplete figures for March (no, we're not writing this on Easter Sunday), it is going to be almost identical to January.

We're still a well-kept secret.

So please do continue to spread the word if you enjoy what we're doing. And we promise to keep doing it.

TWO SITE TWEAKS enhanced your experience on Photo Corners. And we all have Andrew-Bede Allsop to thank for the big one: a revision to our Calendar to include annual events in addition to exhibits. That required a new color scheme and while we were at it we enhanced the filtering options dramatically.

The other was silly. We thought of it ourselves. We just rearranged the jump icons on the Carousel so they make a little more sense. Forward is on top and back below.

We woke up one morning wondering why we can't scroll our left-side index and headline list independently. And, while we're at it, leave the masthead up top and show the footer (with our copyright notices) before you get to the end of the headlines.

So we confess we've been experimenting with a scrolling version of the main headline page. No kidding, no April's Fool joke.

We're not sure we like it, frankly. It ruins the functionality of the landscape mode display on a phone, although it's fun to play with on a desktop browser.

There's something to be said for a fixed layout. Ask any graphic designer.

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