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3 April 2018

As we mentioned in our archive story, we've been experimenting with a new home page layout that allows the left and right content sections to scroll independently while keeping the masthead and footer visible.

Part of that experimentation is evaluating scrollbars for the sections that you can scroll. We started without them. None. Then we thought we ought to hint they were available. Then we thought we ought to light them up if you hover over them.

Sort of like the Carousel buttons.

We had to make them a lot less intrusive than a normal scrollbar so we made them smaller and only a tint of the site color. And we liked that.

So we applied the concept to the Carousel buttons.

And because we were rolling our own scrollbar for the Carousel now, we made sure it appears on systems with trackpads rather than mice. It isn't necessary on them certainly, but it keeps the Carousel buttons aligned with the Carousel.

And while we were at it, we also found a way to cut a few more lines of code from our style sheet.

So even though everything on the headline page still scrolls together, you're already getting a few improvements from our experimentation.

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