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1 May 2018

We pleased to announce we've archived Volume 7 Number 4 of Photo Corners with 15 Features, 25 commented news items, 26 Editor's Notes (including over 150 items of interest, one review and four Site Notes. That's a total of 71 stories.

READERSHIP reflected the short month and slightly fewer stories (although about what we did last year at this time when we published 73 stories). Still we served well over 500,000 pages last month.

Our top five stories were an interesting mix. The SnapLab software update led the pack followed by the Olympus E-PL9 introduction to the U.S. And fifth place was held by the Tamron 28-75mm zoom announcement. All hardware.

Our top five stories were an interesting mix.

Hardware seems to steal the show in April. In fact, our Capture One keyboard review from last year scored well enough this month to be among the leading stories.

But in third place was our Easter story, a reflection on what it means to be a photographer.

And in fourth place? One of our Around The Horn pieces. We're gratified to see our daily curation of pieces worth noting are being noted. They're a lot of work.

As usual, the least-read stories are the ones we only recently put up. And some aren't even showing yet since the statistics for the last day of the month won't be available until later today, well after we've launched this month's coverage.

WE DID MAKE one site improvement. And we spent a good deal of time dotting our i's and crossing our t's before releasing the independently scrolling headline page format. But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do what the feedback suggests. Thanks to all of you who responded.

And thanks for sticking with us, too.

THERE IS ALWAYS a lot of noise about the state of the/any industry. And it usually isn't glowing. This withers a lot of resources (and not merely financial ones).

But we are from hardy stock that sails through storms and follows the stars. And, we suspect, you are too.

That, after all, is how to have fun.

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