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1 June 2018

We've just archived Volume 7, Number 5 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 19 Features, 25 commented news stories, 25 Editor's Notes (which included well over 125 items of interest), one review and two site notes for a total of 72 stories.

That's a lot to read -- and it was read a lot.

READERSHIP for the month broke new ground in number of visits by a substantial (but credible) amount while unique sites stayed at its highest level (meaning there's more people reading the site than ever) and number of pages served flirted with the three-quarter million mark again.

What was once an exotic frivolity has become a practical tool, alerting us to issues we otherwise might have missed.

While we're writing this on the June 1, we still don't have complete readership figures for the month. But we didn't want to make you wait any longer.

The most-read story of the month was our news story on Adobe's K-12 initiative, which made the Creative Cloud a lot more affordable for schools as teachers across the nation went on strike for more public funding after years of neglect that left one state holding class just four times a week.

That was followed by Ten Thousand Steps, our slide show of a walk through Golden Gate Heights. In third place was our story about the Meyer-Optik Goerlitz Nocturnus 0.95/75mm and in fourth our matinee about the Camino de Santiago.

The top five was rounded out by our review of current entry-level all-in-one devices. It's been a long time since we reviewed printers. The market has chilled and companies do not seem to be devoting nearly as many resources to them as they have in the past. But it was fun to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty again.

SITE TWEAKS did reveal one trend we're employing more and more. Voice feedback from our production software. What was once an exotic frivolity has become a practical tool, alerting us to issues we otherwise might have missed.

We've also continued our CoffeeScript development for our Ubersicht environment, adding and refining a dashboard of utilities to keep this ship airborne. We'll have to step back a moment to write about that experience one of these days.

So stay tuned. More is always coming your way.

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