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20 June 2018

Wood is a renewable resource. You grow it. It matures. You harvest it. You mill it. You build with it. And this image takes you from wild growth to civilized employment in the blink of an eye.

In our case, that blink was 1/60 second at f2.5 and ISO 400 using the Lensbaby Twist 60 on a Nikon D300. We can't seem to miss with that combination.

We converted the native NEF Raw data to a DNG and worked on that in the new Camera Raw (updated yesterday with the rest of Adobe's updates).

But we were a little discomfited by the middle branch, which caught more of the skylight's light than we liked. Just a little too much of it.

Knocking it down to match the other branches would have been a mistake. But we didn't want it blown out.

So we ran our old Highlight Mask action, which burns the highlights only a little darker. It's part of our Photoshop Actions subscriber benefit, we hasten to add.

That did the trick.

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