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18 July 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Nelson Mandela, Sarajevo's camera kids, Mark Richards, printing paralysis, the Dehaze tool, Ferrania, facial recognition, Nikon's sensor designers, the Google Photos Web UI and Excire.

  • In Nelson Mandela's Road to Victory, photographer Brooks Kraft looks back to 1994 when he spent four months in South Africa photographing the election that made Nelson Mandela South Africa's president.
  • In War-Torn Sarajevo's Camera Kids, Then and Now, photographer Chris Leslie returns to the Sarajevo to see what the orphans he schooled in photography in 1997 are doing today. "It was the first good experience that really happened to us after the war," one remembers.
  • Remy Tumin talks to photojournalist Mark Richards about Photographing His Own Cancer Treatment, a hell Richards wasn't ready for. He took most of the images himself, using his phone, but occasionally directed a nurse. "This is a more pure form [of photojournalism] in a way, it's not that much different than what I did," he says.
  • Mike Johnston shares My Printing Problem, a constitutional avoidance of consuming materials (especially expensive ink) that leads to print paralysis. He's not alone, of course.
  • Jim Kasson finds A New Use for the Lightroom Dehaze Tool. It's perhaps too subtle to see as he present it but grab both images, open them in an image editor and copy one to a layer on top of the over. Turn that layer on and off and you'll clearly see the color shift in cucumber.
  • The Phoblographer reports Ferrania Fixes Major Factory Issues, Secures In-House Production of P30 Film. It's taken six years but the company hopes to be shipping product in the fall.
  • Jordan Teicher asks, What Do Facial Recognition Technologies Mean for Our Privacy? "It's more like fingerprinting than classical portraiture," answered Trevor Paglen, a conceptual artist and 2017 MacArthur Fellow.
  • Dave Etchells provides A Peek Inside Nikon's Super-Secret Sensor Design Lab with an interesting discussion in the Comments section.
  • Google user experience engineer Antin Harasymiv writes about the four goals the team set when Building the Google Photos Web UI. "While it may at first appear simple and even stationary, the grid is nearly always thinking -- loading, pre-fetching, animating, creating, removing and presenting your content the best that it can," he writes.
  • Excire has begun shippings its Two New Lightroom Plug-Ins we reported on last week. We've been working with the local AI search tool and discussing various aspects of it with the company in preparation for a full review. Meanwhile, happy to answer subscriber questions about it.

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