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13 September 2018

We were walking down to the village yesterday to pay some bills when all of a sudden we were struck by the obvious. We've been slaving over specifications charts for every new product introduction for years now but they fade away with yesterday's news. Why don't we index them?

So we did.

We're fond of our table layout for specifications and have used it for years now. It scales up and it scales down. And it's not only attractive (we've been told) but it's easy to read. So it's easy to compare one table with another.

We're fond of our table layout for specifications and have used it for years now.

But say you are looking for the specs for a Nikon D5. How would you find them?

You could certainly use the Find button to search the site with Bing, Google, DuckGoGo or our own home-brewed search engine. But that takes couple of seconds.

If you knew the year the D5 was introduced, you could go to that headline list to dig down to it with your browser's Find command.

But that's all too much work.

Now you just have to visit the new Gear Specs index, click on Cameras and find any camera introduced since 2014.

Same for lenses, scanners, printers and a lot of other things like bags, strobes, drones and more.

We've added the link to the right-hand side of all of our index pages plus th left-hand side of the home page (right above Reviews) where we include the most recent specs. We added just the link to the index pages for each year because there are just too many individual items.

Apparently, we've been working hard.

Photo Corners has never been a gear site, although the reviews we do of scanners and printers are certainly comprehensive. But we do promptly post specs for every new product at introduction.

And now you can find them again easily.

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