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4 January 2019

As we write this it's 41 degrees outside. Spoiled by the temperate Pacific Ocean, we think of this as freezing. We are wearing all our clothing and trying to move as little as possible to avoid any wind chill factor.

And we're inside where the old Atlas heater is keeping things about 68 degrees. Ah, winter.

We suspect it's worse where you are.

But one way to cope with this, regardless of the season, is to bake. There is nothing like turning the oven on to warm up the place. If you do it right, you can even get the smoke alarm chirping happily away.

The oven, however, is upstairs and we are ensconced in the bunker downstairs working away so you have time to, well, bake. And with a Friday Slide Show to produce and only a handful of 2019 images so far, "working away" about sums it up.

So we asked Excire Search Pro to find our images of bakery products. It can do that. But we had to install the new 1.3.4 (update 2) version first. That went quickly, though.

We really like the Lightroom plug-in that brings artificial intelligence to our collection of 67,756 images (but who's counting?). And the 1.3.4 update is smart enough to update the Excire database when you import images.

The bakery products turned out to be a good choice. Not only did they simulate the feeling of a warm kitchen but they also warmed our heart. There were a lot of birthday cakes (some for people no longer with us) and plenty of pies and a few desserts.

That's not a bad way to start the year. Desserts first.

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