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Excire Search Beta Adds Intel Tech Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

30 May 2019

Excire has announced beta version 1.4 of Excire Search featuring an initialization speed increase thanks to its strategic partnership with Intel under the Intel Software Partner Program.

"After an extremely fruitful phase of joint development, it is you as our customer to benefit most: by integrating Intel technology such as OpenVINO, Excire Search 1.4 has become much faster," the company said. "Depending on your hardware, Excire Search initialization speed increases by up to 50 percent."

Excire Search, which we reviewed last year, is a Lightroom plug-in that provides image retrieval and annotation using the company's state-of-the-art pattern recognition and deep learning technology.

To test the current beta version 1.4 of Excire Search with Intel technology, visit the beta download page. Versions are available for both macOS and Windows.

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