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Adobe Granted License to Provide Creative Cloud Access to Venezuela Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

28 October 2019

In Adobe Continues Digital Media Access in Venezuela on the Adobe Blog, Chris Hall reports today that the company has "been granted a license to provide all of our Digital Media products and services in Venezuela."

On Oct. 8, the company announced it would deactivate all Venezuelan accounts to comply with the U.S. federal government's Executive Order 13884 prohibiting conducting business with individuals in Venezuela. Deactivation was scheduled for today, Oct. 28.

Hall notes:

In the subsequent weeks since the announcement, we heard directly from you, our users in Venezuela, about your passion for the work that you do. You shared stories of how important our products are in your ability to create and what it means to build amazing digital experiences through each and every one of our products.

Adobe subsequently engaged in discussions with the U.S. government to allow it to provide Creative Cloud services to its Venezuelan customers. As Hall reports today, that request has been granted.

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