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1 March 2020

We've just archived Volume 9 Number 2 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 17 Features, 22 commented News stories, 24 Editor's Notes (which included 159 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 65 stories.

We're counting our coverage of Dawoud Bey's retrospective at SFMOMA as a feature but it's something of a hybrid, including a review, too.

That count included 200 images in 30 stories and 11 stories with gear specifications. Not to mention one holiday and one obituary.

Compared to a year ago when we published 73 stories, that's a drop of eight stories. But a closer look at the totals reveals news stories dropped from 34 to 22, a 12 story decline while items of interest went up seven and Features increased six.

That indicates we provided more unique content as the news itself contracted. And, really, that's about how it goes. The more time we spend on news, the less time we have to spend on anything else.

READERSHIP numbers for the short month were slightly below the previous month. Adjusted for the two days less in February than January, they were identical.

There's quite a log jam of top stories this month.

We're looking at these numbers before the month closes so even at that, they're incomplete.

TOP STORIES were a surprise with three Horn articles leading the pack. We always like to see that because it shows our daily curation of photography news is appreciated for exactly the reason we put it together.

But the truth is that there's quite a log jam of top stories this month. Nothing really ran away from anything else. Which is also what we like to see.

We would draw your attention to three stories if you took the month off.

First was our walk through of An American Projectthe Dawoud Bey retrospective at SFMOMA. In addition to curator Corey Keller's interview with Bey, there's a slide show of the exhibit and a selection of the works on exhibit.

Remembering Santu Mofokeng makes an interesting comparison to Bey as well as paying tribute to another giant whose shoulders we stand on.

For those plagued by favorite snapshots that the sun has faded back to magenta, there's our road test of Vivid-Pix Restore.

Only modesty prevents us from mentioning a few other features but our slide show of Japan Center, our bit of San Francisco history uncovered in Minna Street and our coffee break at Caffe Trieste are worth a peek, too.

We ended the month on the road for the first time in several years, keeping the site fresh from our ancient 13-inch MacBook Pro since Thursday. We hope you didn't notice any difference.

We don't know what the future will bring but we'll be here (or somewhere) to bring it to you. As always, thank you for your support.

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