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1 January 2021

We've just archived Volume 9, Number 12 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 18 Features, 15 commented News stories, 28 Editor's Notes (which included 166 items of interest), two reviews and two site notes for a total of 65 stories.

That included 161 images in 29 of those stories, four holidays and three stories with gear specifications. There was a single obituary, too.

A year ago we published 74 stories, nine more news stories. Two and three years ago, though, we were in the low sixties.

PARTIAL READERSHIP NUMBERS for the month reflect the reduced content with fewer daily unique site visits, although we served over 821,800 pages in December, which may be a record and is certainly the high for the year.

In an interesting twist, four of the top five stories were Around The Horn articles. In third place was the Tamron 17-70mm zoom announcement.

That was followed in sixth place by our review of Ernst Haas's book New York in Color, 1952-1962. And right behind it was our report on PhotoLab 4.1.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO REVIEW 2020, visit our 2020 headline page with complete headlines from all the stories we published last year. That's a month early again this year.

Through the course of the year, we keep the last two months on the home headline page and don't duplicate headlines on the year headline page but we're duplicating them this month so you can see the year in review.

We also updated our Highlights thumbnails for the entire year.

And you can also review the people we lost last year. Just click on the Remembering... link and then on the year.

WE DID MANAGE to make one big site improvement last month with our image search option under the Find button on our headline and archive pages. We've used it quite a bit ourselves lately rather than scratch our head trying to remember when we ran a particular image.

They are still all in our head, of course. But our head isn't indexed. Yet.

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