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A Valentine

A Valentine

A Valentine

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14 February 2022

We don't remember the last Valentine's Day we spent alone. But, being alone today, we imagine we are not alone. The pandemic has taken away many loved ones.

A Valentine. Nikon 990 at f3.9, 1/101 second and ISO 100. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

In our case, the pandemic is preventing us from visiting Joyce in the hospital where she is undergoing a fourth episode in recovering from radiation burns following surgery for cancer. Last time, she was in for a month. We're hoping it's a few weeks less this time.

But no visitors today.

So we are in a quiet house with a leaky water heater, a dryer that rattles just as the clothes are getting dry, paint peeling from the window frames, weeds taking over the garden and all the other joys of home. We have plenty of distractions, at least.

It occurs to us that this would not make good material for a romance novel.

But this is life. The part of it that makes old people cry at weddings and joke at receptions. They know what happens when the pages of the fairy book are turned.

But love is not just for special days. It's for every day. In some way.

Like the day in 2003 when we ran across this exotic flower in the Conservatory at Golden Gate Park. Joyce has seen this photo of it every day for years in our house -- except today.

Until, that is, the nurse passes her phone to her and she sees it in this story on the Web.

Love, you know, finds a way.

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