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1 May 2022

We've just archived Volume 8, Number 4 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 23 Features, 13 commented News stories, 27 Editor's Notes (which included 167 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 65 stories.

Of those 65 stories, 27 included 150 images and two included gear specifications. But the month started rather somberly with six obituaries.

Last year in April we published 64 stories, 29 of which included 140 images. Editor's Notes were also surprisingly similar at 169 then and 167 now. But we had 16 news stories then compared to this year's 13. That trend continues.

READERSHIP numbers were down slightly from March, although we did deliver 108 percent more data. Meaningless trivia, no doubt.

We're still blocking Bing from indexing the site, which hurts our numbers but guarantees we can deliver the goods to our regular readers. It's shocking how reckless Google and Bing bots can be.

We keep everything we've published since 2012 here for you but only the new stuff needs to be indexed every day. And we do provide robots that information. But for some people (and bots) there's nothing quite like brute force, apparently.

OUR TOP STORIES included five Around The Horns split by our slide show of The Neighborhood in Bloom at the top, followed by a news stories on the AIPAD talks, two Horns, our Jerry Uelsmann obituary and another Horn.

Our slide show of The War Horse and our matinee about Alexis Rosenfeld on Coral Reefs just missed the cut.

Clearly, though, slide shows and obituaries were the icing on the cake made of our curated Around The Horn columns. As it should be, really.

OUR SCHEDULE is returning to normal this month after attending Joyce's 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments. We have a lot of catching up to do and as soon as our battery charger stops blinking, we'll get right on it.

You can count on us.

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