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14 June 2022

Along with today's Photoshop and Lightroom updates was an update to Camera Raw 14.4. It hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, so we thought we'd shine the spotlight on its six enhancements.


The six new features in Camera Raw 14.4 are:

  • Push and Pull Presets and Masks. You can amplify or soften Preset adjustments from the Presets Panel. And you can turn up or tone down Mask adjustments in the Masks Panel.
  • Automatic AI Mask Updates. Pasting and synchronizing masks across photos automatically updates Subject and Sky masks.
  • Mask Invert. Invert or Duplicate & Invert any mask to swap which area it affects.
  • Adaptive Presets. You can apply unique, one-click edits to the Sky or Subject using the power of artificial intelligence.
  • Premium Presets. There are 50 new, handcrafted presets designed for videos, portraits and live concert photos.
  • New Camera, Lens Support. See the full list of cameras and lens profiles.


For more information see What's New in Camera Raw. For help using the new features, see the New Feature Summary.

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