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1 November 2022

We've just archived Volume 11, Number 10 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 14 Features, 20 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 176 items of interest), three reviews and one site note for a total of 64 stories.

Of those 64 stories, 28 included 169 images. There were two holidays if you count Halloween and two stories with gear specification tables. We also wrote two obituaries.

We saw an increase in both unique sites and visits over last month, with sites hitting a new high mark for the year.

Were were indeed relieved to publish three of the reviews we have been working on. Reviews are quite time-consuming the way we conduct them. We spend a lot more time with a product than most reviewers and tell the whole story.

We saw an increase in both unique sites and visits over last month, with sites hitting a new high mark for the year.

OUR TOP STORIES as the month closed (which is never fair to the most recently published ones), were an interesting mix.

The top five started with a Horn followed by a Rocky Nook webinar notice, then our review of Photoshop's Colorize neural filter, the matinee on Antoine Rose and our review of David Neilson's Chasing the Mountain Light.

OUR MONTEREY PROJECT has settled down somewhat as we gravitated toward software that would run reliably under macOS 12.6.1 on unsupported hardware. There are still some glitches to resolve but we're expecting to carry on this way at least until new MacBook Pros are announced.

We've toyed with the idea of replacing one of our machines with an iMac but that update is even further out. The attraction would be the larger screen.

One way or another, though, we're long overdue for some hardware upgrades here. Our vintage 2010 17-inch laptop and 2011 13-inch laptop still get the job done but the compromises are beginning to be impediments.

Moving to Monterey prepared us for custom installing software we rely on like Perl, PHP and Apache. That was all worked out a while ago. But we've had to switch from Postbox to Thunderbird for email and Vivalid from Safari for Web browsing.

OUR ROUTER UPGRADE to a TP-Link AX55 has brought WiFi 6 to the house (and we needed the range for streaming) but we haven't worked out the kinks to network backups on it yet. We'd prefer to use Time Machine but have been investigating various solutions based on rsync, which we use to mirror working directories already.

All of which reminds us the benefits of upgrading are best postponed as long as possible to avoid the accompanying headaches. The headaches are painful enough that the benefits (in this era anyway) are rarely worth it.

We consider ourselves blessed to have been able to run systems that, over the long haul, have cost us about $20 a month each. Laptops and cameras both.

But time waits for no skinflint. So we are now saving not just our pennies but our nickles as well.

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