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Three cameras -- a waterproof digicam, a Micro Four Thirds and a dSLR -- for three days in Yosemite with a handful of friends, all shooting different gear. What do we see? How do we shoot it? What lessons do we learn?

That's the story this book tells.

And it tells it with about 60 images (some of which are rollovers illustrating editing effects) and one movie. And lots of links.

You can read it on screen in about two hours, but you'll want to revisit it now and then to enjoy the scenery!

The book is available in two versions. The High Res version uses a lossless JPEG2000 format while the iPad Version uses a JPEG format with minimal compression. The iPad version is significantly smaller than the High Res version with no discernible loss of quality at 100 percent viewing size. See the FAQ for more information.

Read the FAQ before ordering. Test drive some sample pages, too!

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High Res Version:

iPad Version:

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