A literary education, by which I mean only a devotion to reading, is enriched by translation like a well of flour when an egg is dropped in. For a long time (I only looked back to 1983 for this list), I've been translating Italian literature of the twentieth century. It used to be called modern Italian literature, but that burden has passed on to a new generation.

These translations were done, with a few rare exceptions, only for my own benefit. Transparent Language did publish my Anna Banti translations. And what became a volume of Rodari translations was given as a gift to certain newborns who, like the translations, enjoyed the same gestation period.

But because I have not received permission to translate these copyrighted works, I'm not able to make them available here. So, please, don't ask <g>.

Italian Literature

Anna Banti


Italo Calvino

Patrizia Cavalli

Piero Chiara

Edmondo de Amicis

Grazia Deledda

Luciano Erba

Cesare Garboli

Margherita Guidacci


Primo Levi

Eugenio Montale


Giovanni Pascoli

Salvatore Quasimodo

Gianni Rodari

Leonardo Sinisgalli

Mario Soldati


Crank Calls

A Girl Talks

Palomar in the Garden

Selected Poems


Il Ragazzo Calabrese

Fifty Cents


How A Friendship Begins

The Pack that Remains

World Without Time


Short Last Will

Xenia I

To Giuseppe Giacosa

And It's Suddenly Evening

Selected Fables & Poems

Mr. Eliot's Bitter Tea

A Bottle of Chambave Rouge

The Celestial Chart

German Literature

Joseph Roth

The Legend of the Saintly Drunk

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