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1 May 2015

After coming close the last two months, we finally did it. We published 78 in February and 72 in March but Volume 4 Number 4 of Photo Corners finally hit the 80-story mark. And we've just updated the Archive with all of them nicely organized into a neat table of contents.

The April issue includes 20 Features, 30 commented news items, 23 Editor's Notes (including 92 items of interest in our Around the Horn articles), three reviews and four Site Notes.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY was our news story on the Eric Kim webinar sponsored by Eyefi. We have no idea why. And our Kim matinee was in third place, just behind our matinee of J-F Vergel's Easter Parade. The Breslin matinee took fourth place.

Our Adobe at NAB story scored very highly, too, exceeded only by the Kim webinar piece among news items. And the combined Lightroom news release and Lightroom CC review outscored everything except the Kim webinar.

There was a lot of traffic at the top of the list, though, with only a few hits separating everyone. Included in the traffic jam was our Subtle City and Bouquets to Art slide shows and both our Bakers Beach Sunset and Golden Gate Bridge at dusk pieces.

We were particularly pleased to get to the bottom of our Lightroom CC problem. The culprit was right under our nose but, distracted by the new GPU code in the Develop module, we weren't looking at it.

We're committed to bringing events like Opening Day, the Prototyping Festival and Bouquets to Art to our readers.

That wasn't our only stumble in April. Our misbehaving iPhone caused us some embarrassment and, perhaps worse, consternation until we discovered what had happened.

We're also proud of our Apple Photos review, which gives credit where it's due. Photos has taken a lot of heat for what it's not but when we actually used it on a project, we discovered a few virtues that have legs.

We were glad to wrap up the DS40 review, too, which we started in November 2014.

But the most fun we had was shooting Bouquets to Art. We invited you to the show before our Friday slide show. But we still weren't done, going back for one more look before the flowers faded.

We're committed to bringing events like Opening Day, the Prototyping Festival and the Bouquets to Art to our readers.

OUR READERSHIP totals showed an increase again.

The trouble with looking at monthly totals for measuring readership, as we have done every month since we started Photo Corners, is that there are a different number of days in a month.

You knew that.

April, for example, has a day less in it than March did. And our total visitor count in nearly identical. But with one more day, April would have exceed March.

Daily averages are the simple way around that. And our daily average for visitor count does exceed March by a good bit. Good news.

Because, you know, without readers, we are just the sound of one hand clapping.

SITE TWEAKS were challenging this month.

The one you won't notice involved adjusting our popup windows to new browser behavior aimed at discouraging spammers.

Earlier we added Google to our site searching options after continually getting poor results from DuckGoGo.

But the one we spent the most time on was our designed table of contents. Our next multiple-story review will show the full extent of the redesign but we're going to use a table of contents in more stories now that we're solved the two problems our older design had to fight.

Those are small improvements, one of which could even just be called maintenance, but they make Photo Corners a friendlier place for you. And that makes them worth the effort.

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