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1 September 2015

We've archived all 73 stories in Volume 4 Number 8 of Photo Corners. To return to the table of contents from any story, just click on the "archive" button at the top of the story.

The August editorial balance included 18 Features, 30 commented news items, 22 Editor's Notes (including at least 88 items of interest in our Around the Horn articles), two reviews and one Site Note.

That put us over the 14,000 URL count for the site. In case you're counting.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY was the Acronis news story, which the company retweeted. So social media sometimes strikes even Photo Corners. It had double the hits of anything else.

Several news stories did surprisingly well, in fact. The Stand Out story, the Guerrero film story (the film airs later this month) and the Apple Raw Update were among the top stories.

We also took a look at how popular stories published in previous months were doing.

Mixed among them was the Mogensen matinee, a Horn and our first bylined story, Bodie: A Photography Throwback by Angelo Pasini, who makes his debut in Photo Corners. An auspicious one at that, with both text and photos garnering praise from our readers.

We also took a look at how popular stories published in previous months were doing. Our story about Adobe Generator is a perennial hit as is the story on the Epson V550 followed closely by the Kim webinar story, our Domke review, our Elements 13 review and our Piccure+ review. Our DS-40 review and OpticFilm 120 review follow closely. And all of those would rate highly among this month's leaders.

READERSHIP has increased consistently over the last three months, perching above 8,000 unique sites a month. Don't worry, that won't entice any advertisers <g>. But a growing audience helps us get our hands on review units.

WE ADDED a new affiliate deal with a banner for AdoramaPix. Here's what Adorama says about its photofinishing operation:

Fifteen years ago, AdoramaPix image labs began processing professional-grade images and were the first to introduce lay-flat photo books -- printed on photo paper since Day One. Today, millions of photo books, enlargements, prints, canvases, greeting cards, calendars and more are brought to life by AdoramaPix imaging labs and thousands of happy recipients unwrap their signature boxes every day.

To celebrate, the company is offering a 25 percent discount on photo books through Sept. 30 when you use the code PKBKAFF20.

SITE TWEAKS included a couple of minor conveniences. We revised the code that draws the shadow on the left-hand column on the main pages to restrict the shadow a bit more. And we elevated Google to the default search engine in our Find box (while updating the explanatory text).

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