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1 August 2018

We've just archived the 66 stories we published in Volume 7 Number 7 of Photo Corners. Just a few years ago we published 94 stories in July -- but that included 44 news items.

This July, with the industry catching its breath, we published 16 Features, 21 commented News items, 27 Editor's Notes (including at least 162 items of interest), one review and one Site Note.

Let's see, 44 minus 21 is 23 and 66 plus 23 would be 89, which would have put this month's production more in line with 2015's. But think of the time we saved you by not inflating our coverage.

So what did we do with all that extra time?

Actually, there wasn't any. Slow news beats take even more work than busy ones. You look under the couch twice, behind the TV three times and talk to more people to see if anything is actually going on than when the news showers down on your head and you just feed it into your elegant, efficient production system.

That's the nature of the business, in short.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORIES once again had the distinct advantage of having been published earlier in the month than yesterday's stories. But we find them revealing, nonetheless.

By a hefty margin, Olympus's new Italian leather accessories led the way, followed by Sigma's lens workshops and our report on Excire, the local AI search tool for Lightroom. Not much further behind were our piece on Photography For Good and the Postal Service's O Beautiful stamps.

But after the top three stories, nearly anything might have made the top five list (and may later this week). Everything we publish gets read rather evenly if not immediately.

READERSHIP numbers still aren't complete as we write this early in August but already we can tell we had more traffic this month than ever before with over 147,000 visits to read over 667,000 stories.

We'd call that engagement.

And it's why we published A Thank You To Our Subscribers to start the month.

Which, come to think of it, we probably should have headlined as a thank you to our readers. Because, after all, we're grateful you drop by and hope you always find something interesting enough to return again.

Because we'll be here seeing if anything interesting turned up under the couch.

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