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1 October 2020

We've just archived Volume 9, Number 9 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 16 Features, 29 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 163 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 73 stories.

We published 151 images in 38 of those stories and seven stories featured gear specifications. It appears you like the specifications tables and we certainly appreciate it when you use the affiliate links in those stories.

That production is strikingly similar to last year at this time when we published 74 stories of which 18 were Features and 29 News stories. Of course, at the time, we complained news stories were way down from the year before that. Things have remained quiet during the pandemic.

Incidentally we ran into a couple of bugs with our story counter on the Web (which uses different code than the story counter we have used locally).

Things have remained quiet during the pandemic.

One was a failure to report the full number of days for a month when the current month's name is used to report a previous year. The other was a failure to count Horn items in subdirectories.

Both were promptly fixed.

READERSHIP for September was not quite as high as August but higher than the preceding months going back to October 2019. So we can't complain.

We served about a half million pages again and saw unique sites jump 107 percent.

OUR TOP STORY was our coverage of HRDinstant, which creates HDR stills from video clips or a burst of images. We've acquired a review copy, you may be interested to know, and have been working with the company on a few glitches with the macOS version. Stay tuned for the review.

We updated our Wacom Intuos mouse story Resurrecting a Dead Mouse twice last month. The first update confessed our fix failed after about 20 days. We spent a day implementing Plan B, which has worked out better, as we reported 20 days later.

Which we're delighted about because the $15 Kensington mouse we bought as a back up was a disappointment. The scroll wheel was quite cheap compared to the Wacom's smooth action. Confident in our second repair of the Wacom, we returned the Logitech (something we have never done before).

The rest of the top five consisted of an early Horn, Adobe's rising stars, the Joseph Bartscherer obituary and our piece on Lightroom's Discover feature.

WE'RE WRITING THIS at one in the morning, which is a little late for us. But it's been that kind of month around here.

The silver lining is that we're about to publish our first story of the month about eight hours earlier than usual. And then we plan to hit the sack.

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