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12 June 2019

We've described the usefulness of the macOS macro software Keyboard Maestro written by Peter N Lewis in 13 separate articles (so far). And that doesn't cover all the applications we've built using it, some of which have replaced paid software on our system.

So as we prepare for version 9 of what we've called the indispensable Mac utility, we thought we'd list those pieces in one handy place.


But before we do that, we thought we'd also point out that Keyboard Maestro doesn't require a pilot's license in interstellar travel.

We use it, for example, to correct our most frequent typing mistakes. Like "teh" for "the." Whether we capitalize it or not.

And we've used it in this article to spell out "Keyboard Maestro" just by typing the trigger "=km." We've got a lot of shortcuts like that.

This video presentation shows you just how simple it is to make Keyboard Maestro useful.


One of the most useful things that comes along with Keyboard Maestro is the free discussion forum. That's where you'll find a Macro Library of free downloadable scripts that solve a variety of problems.

But it's also where you'll find some generous help in the Questions & Suggestions section. There are several expert practitioners of the art who voluntarily pitch in to solve problems and even write whole macros. We won't name names but these guys know their way around the block.

It's frequently cited as the friendliest discussion group ever experienced by any of its participants.


So how have we used Keyboard Maestro? We've written, in passing, about a number of tasks it does for us. Here's the list, most recent first:

We don't write a lot about our production system's use of Keyboard Maestro but there isn't much that escapes it. This month it's even begun uploading stories for us, including last Friday's slide show at a specific time.


We're happy to be able to provide our readers a discounted price of $28.80 from the list price of $36 because we know you'll be forever in our debt, thanking us every morning you open your eyes. It's just that good even if you just use it to type for you.

We don't profit from this arrangement, but you will. Promise.

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