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23 Feb 2020

Volume 8

Fujifilm X-T200

Fujifilm GF 45-100mm f4 Zoom

Pentax 70-210mm f4

Tokina atm-x 85mm f1.8 FE

Leica M10 Monochrom

Hasselblad XCD 4/45P Prime

Nikon D780

Canon 1D X Mark III



Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

A Blue & Gold Evening

A Storm Passes

Being Held

Cityscape 2020

Mount Diablo in the Clouds

It's 2020!

Addison St.


Remembering a Friend

Twin Peaks in Winter

The Grandfather Clock

Recent Releases from 2019

My Labor of Love

Don McCullin: The Stillness of Life

Kate Parker's Girl Scout Photoshoot

Mustafa Hacalaki

Bill Ray


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